The 3rd EU-China High Level Cultural Forum and Round-table Conference Held in NAMOC

Source: Time:2012-12-05

2012 is EU-China Year of Intercultural Dialogue. At 9:30 of November 30, The 3rd EU-China High Level Cultural Forum and Round-table Conference was Held in Academic Lecture Hall at 7th floor of National Art Museum of China (NAMOC). Nearly 60 experts and scholars from both China and Europe, and diplomats of embassies in China attended the forum, showing common attention to Chinese and Western cultural exchange and cooperation under the background of 2012 EU-China Year of Intercultural Dialogue. Fan Dian, Curator of NAMOC presided over the opening ceremony and gave a speech. Mr. Fan expressed that the EU-China Cultural Forum organized continuously has played a vital role to political, economic and cultural exchange between China and Europe.

The theme of this year’s EU-China High Level Cultural Forum is “Cultural Diplomacy And Cultural Cooperation” and the scholars had made an in-depth communications and discussion focusing on the theme. Yuan Ming, professor of College of International Relations of Beijing University and director of Institutes of International Relations made the first keynote speech at the forum. She said: “under the historical background of economic globalization, the abundant material and cultural life will bring about a series of impact to our souls, both positive and negative ones, which requires self-identity of human beings.

Rod Fischer, President of International Cultural Think-Tank, gave an elaboration on gist of the forum from aspect of the developing cultural relations and cultural diplomatic fruits yielded between China and Europe. He believed that globalization has become a natural part of modern life, which is expressed in a respectful, curious and modest mentality. The process of accepting foreign culture is in fact a process of re-comprehend one’s native culture and it has become a general trend in foreign relations to promote cultural exchange among different cultures.

After the keynote speeches, the guests and scholars also spoke at the forum. Guy Ullens, founder of Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing gave a speech on artwork collection and how to promote Chinese and Western artists to become bridge of international cultural exchange through holding exhibitions. He also elaborated on some dilemma in China’s artwork market, such as customs policies, tax system and so on.

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