Exhibition of Huang Gesheng's Chinese Paintings Open at NAMOC

Source: Time:2012-12-05

Home- Exhibition of Huang Gesheng's Chinese Paintings was opened at National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) on November 26. This is Lijiang Painting School’s another large painting exhibition following “Lijiang Painting School’s Painting Exhibition in Beijing and Shanxi” in 2007, “Mountains and Sea- the art exhibition of Lijiang Painting School Entering Fangchenggang City” in 2010 at NAMOC and “Beautiful Melt Water-Damiao Mountain in Eyes of Painters Art Exhibition” at Cultural Palace of Nationalities in 2010. This exhibition is a review to Huang Gesheng's many years of teaching job and artistic creation career, and also a reflection to Guangxi’s implementing the spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress and promoting building of national culture region by large cultural events.

Huang Gesheng is Vice Chairman of Chinese Artists Association. The creative thought of “sketch to the view” that he advocates and sticks to has become the most distinctive artistic characteristics and identified features of Lijiang Painting School.

The Home- Exhibition of Huang Gesheng's Chinese Paintings presents part of Mr. Huang Gesheng's probing into the world of Chinese painting in the past two decades. More than eighty pieces of Chinese painting by Mr. Huang Gesheng are on public display for the first time, which, with pronounced characteristics reminiscent of the vicissitudes undergone by our motherland in the past few decades, lend convincing testimony to the new highs Mr. Huang have scaled in his career of Chinese painting. The pieces involved in this exhibition have all been modeled on vernacular dwellings in southwestern part of China, which shows the endeavor of artists of Lijiang School of Chinese painting in pushing back the frontiers of traditional Chinese painting. The painting mostly extending invitation to you to this exhibition is an extensive-sized Zhuang Brocade, which, 2.4m high, 37m long and made up of 28 pieces of 8-chi Chinese art paper, is renowned for magnificence and grace all rolled into one.

It takes more than 10 months for Huang to complete this masterpiece, which, from complicated picture layout, brush and ink skills, cloud and mist blending, color rendering to picture transition, is natural, smooth and all in one go.

It is learned that Home- Exhibition of Huang Gesheng's Chinese Paintings will last to December 4.


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