“Beijing Image• Beauty of Fangshan” -Painting Exhibition Open at NAMOC

Source: Time:2012-11-23

“Beijing Image” is a large artistic creation program which consists of theme planning, historical data study, artistic creation, work selections, big exhibitions, translation & publication, propaganda as well as work collections. Taking Beijing as topic of creation, this painting-Beijing-program participated by China’s contemporary prestigious artists plans to complete artistic creation on sceneries, culture and history of Beijing’s 10 districts and counties in 10 years, comprehensively and systematically depicts, shows and propagates the magnificent mountains and rivers as well as peculiar historical and cultural spirit of Beijing. Fangshan is the 3rd stop of “Beijing Image” Program. 

Located at southwest part of Beijing, having beautiful landscape, a long history and a deep culture deposit, Fangshan is a historical and cultural site with modern glamour. The large artistic creation program “Beijing Image·Beauty of Fangshan” launched at Wanmu Liyuan of the Millennium Town Liulihe this April. Within 4 months, nearly 200 members of Chinese Artist Association and Beijing Artist Association visited over 150 main scenic spots such as humanistic classic, sacred landscape, historical image, urban and rural sights, and sceneries of Yandu. The participating painters approached Fangshan and drew a grand picture of “Beauty of Fangshan” with their brush and ink filled with joy and laud, showing their unique aesthetics to Fangshan with abandon. These works reappear, in an artistic way, Fangshan’s humanity history, beautiful landscape and urban & rural new look. Through appraisal by Art Commission, 128 pieces of paintings were displayed at National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) and beautiful album “Beauty of Fangshan” was published synchronously.   

The large artistic creation program “Beauty of Fangshan” has not only played an active role in boosting Fangshan’s culture exploration, preservation, publicity and brand building of Fangshan cultural tourism but also added an important component to Beijing Image Program and enriched cultural contents of the Capital. Painting a perfect stroke for the large artistic creation program “Beauty of Fangshan”, the exhibition also usher in new painting journey for “Beijing Image”.

It is learned that the exhibition will last to November 30th, 2012.

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