Wang Jianan and Cai Xiaoli hold an exhibition

Source: Time:2012-03-16

Sponsored by the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and the Chinese Artists’ Association, an exhibition entitled “Beauty of the Master” is currently on display at the National Art Museum of China to showcase more than 70 paintings by couple arists Wang Jianan and Cai Xiaoli in recent years.

Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1982, Wang Jianan and Cai Xiaoli have won reputation in the artistic circle. After studying the art in Britain in 1988, the two artists has gradually developed personal artistic dimensions thanks to their solid professional foundation and hard work. In the past years, the couple have been dedicated to painting creation after their return to China.  

The artworks by Wang Jianan boast the feature of the strength and the power, and those by Cai Xiaoli reflect the style of the mildness and the delicacy. The landscape paintings of Wang Jianan feature profound tones with well-organized arrangement as a unified entity. The claborate-style flower-bird paintings of Cai Xiaoli are elegant with sophisticated and appealing techniques.

The exhibition opens at Hall 2 and 3 since Mar. 13 until Mar. 20.

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