Xue Baoxia holds an abstract artistic exhibition

Source:中国美术馆 Time:2011-12-31

Sponsored by the National Art Museum of China, an exhibition entitled “Mobile reality” is currently on display to showcase abstract artworks by Xue Baoxia. A total of 24 exhibits fully reflect unique style of the artist in the abstract painting circle.

Serving as an important platform to promote remarkable artistic achievements from Taiwan, the National Art Museum of China has held a number of exhibitions by Liu Guosong and Zhu Ming. It is the first time that the mid-aged artist from Taiwan has held the personal exhibition in the National Art Museum of China. 

Xue Baoxia is a celebrated contemporary Taiwan female artist, who has been devoted to the art with remarkable achievements. As former director of Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, the artist has dedicated to modern management and academic building of the museums. Meanwhile, she has played an active role in promoting artistic exchange across the Straits, such as launching “Asia Biennial Artistic Exhibition” and “Asia Youth Artistic Forum”. During her days as director of museum, she helped hold Contemporary Artistic Biennial Artistic Exhibition across the Strait along with the National Art Museum of China. 

Xue Baoxia learned art in Taiwan in the early stage, and received the doctor’s degree of New York University in the 1980s. The artist made in-depth research into the history of the Western abstract art and its various schools. Adopting the style of various masters, the artist made great attempt to achieve the integrity between the drawing and the emotional expression.

The artist has insisted on two important elements in the abstract art, namely, the spirituality and the reality. The theme of the exhibition fully reflects her unique abstract art especially the features in the context of the contemporary culture.

The exhibition opens at Hall 5 since Dec. 20, 2011 until Jan.10, 2012.

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