Wang Zhongnian holds a traditional Chinese painting exhibition

Source:中国美术馆 Time:2011-12-26

Sponsored by the Central Institute of Socialism and the Chinese Artists’ Association, a traditional Chinese painting exhibition of Wang Zhongnian is unveiled at the National Art Museum of China in celebration of the 55th founding anniversary of the institute. The exhibition opens at Hall 2 and 4 since Dec. 21 until Dec, 29.

Wang Zhongnian continued to study at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts for three years after his learning at Luxun Academy of Fine Arts. The artist learned from Guan Shanyue and Li Xiongcai. His artworks won various prizes in the national artistic exhibitions for several times. Besides a landscape painting exhibition at the National Art Museum of China in 1988, the painter has held a number of exhibitions or lectures in Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia. Some of his works have been collected by the Great Hall of the People, the National Art Museum of China

The exhibition comprises nearly one hundred paintings by Professor Wang Zhongnian. His paintings combine the advantages of the south and the north schools and also boast innovation and creation. Reflecting the freshness and vividness, the exhibits adopt new artistic techniques and boast a good variety of natural images. 

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