Wuhan Academy of Fine Arts holds an exhibition

Source:中国美术馆 Time:2011-12-01

Sponsored by the Publicity Department of Wuhan Municipal Party Committee and Wuhan Federation of Literary and Art Circles, an artistic exhibition entitled “Image and Expression” is currently on display at the National Art Museum of China to showcase a number of artworks from Wuhan Academy of Fine Arts. It is a comprehensive exhibition of remarkable achievements since the founding of the academy.

The exhibition comprises a total of 84 masterpieces by 26 professional artists and distinguished artists from Wuhan Academy of Fine Arts, including Leng Jun, Liu Shouxiang, Li Naiwei, Fan Fen and Jiang Zhongchao. The artists intend to present beautiful and simple folk customs and harmonious characters with strong historical responsibility, full passion and unique expression methods.

Founded in 1984, Wuhan Academy of Fine Arts has won several prizes in National Art Exhibition, National Art Exhibition of Art Schools and Beijing International Biennial Exhibition.

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