Willy Eisenschitz from Vienna holds a painting exhibition

Source: Time:2011-11-03

Sponsored by Austrian Embassy in China and the National Art Museum of China, Willy Eisenschitz, an artist from Vienna, has made his debut of his personal exhibition at the National Art Museum of China. Comprising a total of 70 artworks, the exhibits are mostly oil paintings and fully reflect the development process of the artist. The artist was influenced greatly by the Secessionism in the early stage and then established rather prominent artistic style based on the Expressionism.

The exhibition will totally exhibit 66 oil paintings, gouaches and toner paintings of Willy Eisenschitz, most of which come from Shici Arts Collection Institution. Meanwhile, this exhibition is also a part of activity to celebrate “40th Anniversary of Sino-Austria Establishment of Diplomatic Relation”.

Willy Eisenschitz is the most significant representative during the two World Wars in the artistic circles. His artworks were displayed in about 37 museums across the globe. The exhibits are mostly from Schutz collection in Vienna, the world larges collector of Willy Eisenschitz’s paintings. The exhibition is one of a series of the events in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the diplomatic relationship establishment between China and Austria. The show is hoped to scale the bilateral cultural exchange into a new high.   

The exhibition opens at Hall 7 since Oct. 26 until Nov, 28.

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