Zhou Lingzhao artistic exhibition is on display

Source:中国美术馆 Time:2011-11-02

Sponsored by the National Art Museum of China, the Central Academy of Fine Arts and the Chinese Artists’ Association, an artistic exhibition of Zhou Lingzhao is currently on display at Hall 1, 8 and 9 of the museum since Oct. 27 until Nov.8. The exhibition comprises a total of more than 200 artworks created in the past eight decades covering a wide range of categories from the oil painting and the watercolor painting to the ink painting and the artistic device. The show is also expected to reflect his remarkable achievements and devoted journey of the artist. Meanwhile, the artist has donated a total of 77 artworks to the National Art Museum of China and shown his compatriotism and lofty value. 

Born in 1919 in Jiangping,Hunan province, Zhou Lingzhao studied in China’s Artistic School in Changsha in 1932 and then learnt from Tang Yihe and Gao Zhuang. The artist devoted himself to the revolution and the art during the War of Resistance against Japan

After the victory of the war, the artist worked as an artistic teacher in Shanghai Yucai School. Invited by Xu Beihong, he went to Peking National Art College (its current name is China Central Academy of Fine Arts) and is one of pioneers establishing the discipline of the artistic education in the school. Since the establishment of New China, the artist has been engaged in various artistic programs of national level, especially the portrait of Chairman Mao Zedong on the Tian’anmen Square Tower during the Founding ceremony.

The artist has produced a large number of artworks boasting rich folk and customs from the realistic life. He makes efforts to combine artistic creation with his personal experience and present harmonious and simple aesthetic appeal. Even at the age of 92 now, the artist has still been devoted to artistic education and creation.

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