Shao Jingkun, Shao Fei and Shao Fan hold a painting group exhibition

Source: Time:2010-12-29

Sponsored by Beijing Fine Art Academy, Shao Jingkun and her children Shao Fei and Shao Fan are holding a painting exhibition at the National Art Musuem of China altogether for the first time. The show comprises a total of fifty masterpieces by the three artists in different periods. 

Born in Harbin in November 1932, Shao Jingkun is skilled in oil paintings and watercolors. Graduated from China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1953, the artist later studied in the academy for the master’s degree and is now professor of the college. Her works have been collected by the Museum of Chinese Revolution and the National Art Museum of China.

Born in Beijing in 1854, Shao Fei, the daughter of Shao Jingkun, has been a full-time painter for Beijing Fine Art Academy since 1976 and is member of the Chinese Artists’Association. She has participated in various exhibitions at home and abroad. 

Shao Fan, the son of Shao Jingkun, born in 1964, was graduated from Beijing Crafts and Art School in 1984 and has been engaged in oil paintings, sculptures and designs. He is one of the first group of the artists who are exploring the possibility between the visual art and the design. He has attempted to endow the classic furniture with the life of modern art. 

The exhibition opens at Hall 7 until January 5, 2011.

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