Female artist Zhao Li presents abstract paintings

Source: Time:2010-12-29

Sponsored by Beijing Municipal Federation of literary and Art Circles, Zhao Li is holding an exhibition of abstract paintings at Hall 5 at the National Art Museum of China until January 6, 2011. The exhibition comprises a loan of forty abstract paintings created by the artist in recent years. Following a solo exhibition in Shanghai last year, Zhao Li is showing her achievements in Beijing with deliberate design by Jia Fangzhou, a famous artistic critic.

Zhao Li has been exploring the painting of the formalism in the past years. With the color being splashed, her works boast dense colors especially the black, the red, the gold and the silver, as well as a very strong sense of the formalism. 

A number of artistic critics think that her painting style is like the artist herself. Despite being rather abstract, her paintings reveal her passion to the art and a true artist behind the works in terms of the form, the structure and the color. 

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