Deke Erh holds a photographic exhibition

Source:中国美术馆 Time:2010-12-28

A photographic exhibition is currently on display at Hall 4 until January 9, 2011 to showcase the works by Deke Erh. The exhibits comprise a loan of more than 120 black and white photos taken by Deke Erh before and after the Shanghai Expo, witnessing the concept of “better city, better life”.

The two collections of his photographic works, namely, The Bird’s View of Shanghai (black and white) and Shanghai Viewed from the Sky (multi-color) have been published during the exhibition in Beijing. The works are hoped to reflect a genuine city rich in the culture, the art, technology and the fashion from the Oriental and the West.

Deke Erh, a renowned photographer, has been engaged in professional photography over the past three decades. He used to work as a reporter and editor. Skilled in seizing cultural changes and development, he established himself as the earliest freelance photographer in China of independent spirit and was the first to propose the idea of visual documents. Since the 1980s, Deke Erh has been devoted to aerial photography in Shanghai by recording changes of the city in different periods and various places across the world. 

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