Cai Jimin holds an oil painting exhibition

Source: Time:2010-12-21

An exhibition of Cai Jimin's oil paintings is currently on view at Hall 4 of the National Art Museum of China until Dec. 25. A total of 70 exhibits provide a full reflection of his artistic journey in the past six decades as well as an overview of his educational undertaking.

The artworks comprise his masterpieces of different periods, different themes and different styles. They include the portrait created since the 1960s and the landscape paintings created since the 1980s. Cai Jimin received professional training of the sketch of the former Soviet Union and summarized his creation as the four stages of "observation, discovery, feeling and expression". He once said, "Good creation is not to imitate or copy, but to observe the nature, and recreate with subjective experience.

The exhibition sponsor published the solo painting collection of Cai Jimin. The collection comprises his masterpieces in the past 60 years and relevant comments from his teachers, family and students.

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