A memorial exhibition is on view for the first class of postgraduates of the traditional Chinese paintings in China Central Academy of Fine Arts

Source: Time:2010-12-21

Sponsored by Chinese Artists’ Association, China Central Academy of Fine Arts and National Art Museum of China, an exhibition entitled “Pains and gains” is currently on display until Dec. 25 to celebrate the 30th graduation anniversary of the postgraduates of the traditional Chinese painting of Central Academy of Fine Arts. The exhibits comprise a number of masterpieces by a total of 16 artists, including Liu Dawei, Shi Guoliang, Xie Zhigao, Yang Lizhou, Wang Yingchun, Lie Ou and Li Yansheng. 

The exhibition boasts historical signs and remarks. The exhibition is hoped to reflect remarkable achievements through dedication and devotion of the first class of postgraduates since the resumption of the college entrance examination. Despite different themes and various styles, the exhibits boast the ideal and pursuit of the artists during the special historical period. Three decades ago, a total of 16 young students from across the country attended the master’s course of China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1978, learning from Ye Qianyu, Li Kuchan, Jiang Zhaohe and Li Keran. In the past three decades, all the students have made remarkable achievements in their posts separately, leading the current trend in the Chinese painting circle.

The exhibition comprises a total of more than 70 artworks, which will arouse more profound thought about the traditional Chinese culture.

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