Spanish Cubism artistic exhibition is on display

Source:中国美术馆 Time:2010-12-08

Sponsored by the National Art Museum of China and Telefónica from Spain, an exhibition entitled “Cubism Times” is currently on view at the museum to showcase a total of 43 precious cubism collections from Telefónica.

The Telefónica is a world famous large-scale enterprise and has always attached great importance to building corporate culture. Its collections comprise a number of valuable artworks, a few of which are cubism painting. The paintings have been on displayed in various places in the American and European countries, attracting more than 600,000 audiences in total. This exhibition, the first stop of this kind in the Asian Continent, is expected to help the Chinese audience appreciate the Spanish cubism artworks as well as the enthusiasm of modernism movement in the early 21st century in Europe.

During the transformation from the classic and the modern type in the Western art, the Cubism is a landmark school and is regarded as the beginning of the Western Modernism art with great influence in the history of the Western Modernism art. The exhibits can date back to between 1913 and 1933, 11 of which are by Spanish famous artist Juan Gris. The exhibition also showcases the artworks by a total of 18 artists of Cubism from European and Latin-American countries and serves as abundant materials for the researched on the foreign art.

The exhibition opens at Hall 19, 20 and 21 until Jan. 9, 2011


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