A retrospective show is on view for the 100th birthday anniversary of Song Buyun

Source:中国美术馆 Time:2010-12-02

Sponsored by Chinese National Academy of Arts, the Central Research Institute of Culture, the National Art Museum of China, the Chinese Artists Association and the Central Academy of Fine Arts, a retrospective exhibition is currently on display to showcase remarkable achievements of Song Buyun in the seven decades of the artistic journey. 

Song Buyun (1910-1992), was professor of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, librarian of the Central Research Institute of Culture and member of the Chinese Artists Association. He is an outstanding artist, educator and also one of the representatives of Xu Beihong's school. 

Song Buyun used to study the oil painting in Tokyo University in Japan at his early age. He is one of the outstanding representatives of the Chinese oil painting and watercolor painting in the early stage. With the invitation of Xu Beihong, he made a contribution to founding and developing the National Peking Art Institute, which is the predecessor of the Central Academy of Fine Arts.

The artworks of Song Buyun boast the style of the Realism and the visual effect of the Impressionism. He adopted the essence of the traditional Chinese painting and also made brave innovation. To take advantage of the technique of the western painting for enhancing the expression of the traditional Chinese painting is the goal Song Buyun always pursued. He was accomplished through developing the traditional painting in unique artistic languages. 

The exhibition opens at Hall 2 and 3 until December, 5.

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