Minzu University of China holds an artistic exhibition

Source:中国美术馆 Time:2009-12-18

Sponsored by Minzu University of China and Chinese Artists Association, an artistic exhibition entitled “Carry heritage and transcending” is currently on display at Hall 4, 6 and 8 until Dec. 19. in celebration of the 50th anniversary of establishing the college of fine arts, the teachers and the students from the college present their excellent works.

The exhibition comprises three parts, namely, design works, oil paintings and traditional Chinese paintings. The exhibits feature a number of representative works by the teachers and the students in recent years, including educational achievements in the fields of painting, design and art. The works are the reflection of the overall level of the faculty quality and the talent training of the college as well as an important symbol of the development level of minority higher education. The exhibition embodies the academic orientation of the college, that is, on the basis of the national tradition and the realistic life, to explore the artistic language with times for new breakthrough. A seminar on national art and education in New China was held in the museum on Dec. 15.  

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