A retrospective exhibition of Yang Zhiguang is on display

Source:中国美术馆 Time:2009-12-15

Sponsored by National Art Museum of China, China Artists Association and China National Academy of Painting, a retrospective exhibition of Yang Zhiguang is currently on display at Hall 1, 2 and 3 until Dec. 20, 2009 in celebration of the 60th anniversary of his art creation and education. 

The exhibition comprises of two sections. The first presents his major figure paintings in his first half life. It is easy to understand the reverenced artist who has been devoted to the art innovation with enthusiasm and wisdom. The second part displays the educational achievements of “Yang Zhiguang Fine Arts Center”. The part is characterized by explaining the relation between the art and the creation through diversified demonstrations in an aim to show that special artistic education can promote the development and construction of the children’s intellect.

Yang Zhiguang, a celebrated ink and wash figure painter, used to be vice president of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. In the past six decades, his masterpieces in the figure paintings were almost representative then as image witnesses and visual symbols of the development of the country and indispensable part of the contemporary Chinese art. Yang Zhiguang has developed his career with the times, such as from “The first time to enjoy the right to vote all her life” in 1954 to “Ode to heroes in fighting the flood in 1998” in 1999. He believes that the art serves for the people and he has been devoted to innovation and combination between the traditional Chinese paintings and the modern meaning. He is accomplished in the ink figure painting in the circle with lasting influence. Since the new period, with the idea of the nation, Professor Yang Zhiguang has donated his masterpieces to the country, located in different organizations including National Art Museum of China, Guangdong Museum of Art and Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.

He stayed in the US for a short time after retirement and toured across the world to research on for local art. It is during such period that Yang Zhiguang, who is good at summarizing and thinking, has breakthroughs in the artistic education and realized the art should be the way to cultivate wisdom and increase accomplishments and the art should be an important method to the future new talent to play a more important role in constructing the creation awareness not only for training the professional artists. It is his thoughts that initiated the establishment of “Yang Zhiguang Fine Arts Center”. The artist, with his daughter Yang Hong, who is an expert in children’s artistic education, has established a series of the relevant system with the purpose of the originality. Such achievements are the cause for the latter part of his life as well as the splendid ending of his artistic career, which also compliments with the former achievements.

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