Qin Guoren holds a calligraphic exhibition

Source: Time:2009-12-08

A calligraphic exhibition by Qin Guoren entitled “asking the ink” is currently on display at Hall2 until Dec. 10, 2009. The show comprises a loan of his 50 masterpieces focused on the regular script and the running script reflecting his solid foundation and exquisite skills as well as his brave exploration to the traditional Chinese art.

Born in Hohhot in 1968, Qin Guoren, Mongol nationality is member of Youth Federation of Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region. He was interested in art since childhood. Being an apprentice to Yang Lu’an since 1986, he have traveled across the country and learned a lot from a number of modern celebrated calligraphers, such as Jiang Weisong, Sha Manweng, Wei Qihou, Wang Xuezhong, Liu Jiang, Kang Yin, Ouyang Zhongshi, Li Duo, Hua Fei, Fan Zeng and Wang Yong.

Based on the style of calligraphy typified by inscriptions carved on the stone tablets of the Northern Wei Dynasty, Qin Guoren has combined several elements in the Han, Wei, Jin and Tang Dynasties as well as personal understanding of the calligraphic art and finally established “fantastic” style.

In the past two decades, the artist has made remarkable achievements in the calligraphic field. Besides artistic production, he has also devoted to theoretic research and presented several theses concerning the overview of modern art and the relation between art and life. 

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