Chen Zhenlian presents a calligraphic exhibition

Source: Time:2009-12-08

Sponsored by China Democratic League, Chinese Calligraphers Association and the National Art Museum of China, a calligraphic exhibition entitled “pursuit of meaning” is currently on display at Hall 1, 4, 6 and 8 until Dec. 10, 2009.

The exhibition comprises a total of more than 200 calligraphic works in the past ten years covering eight categories. In terms of from the conception, the layout of the exhibition to the specific exhibit, the show reflects the features of originality and researchability. It consists of two major parts, namely, appreciating calligraphy and reading calligraphy. The former part includes “Calligraphy of Large Chinese Characters-Flowing Molding and Structure”, “Ancient Clerical Script-Ancient Techniques in the Rhythm”, “Bamboo- and Wood-Slip Calligraphy-An Analysis and Deepening of the Writing Techniques” and “Cursive Calligraphy-Indulgent Line Dancing”. The latter is composed of “Visiting the Masters-Experiences and Background”, “Reading History at Xiling Seal Engravers Society-Work and Academic Research” and “Rubbing Inscriptions-Interest and Culture”.

Chen Zhenlian studied art from three great masters including Sha Menghai, Lu Weizhao and Zhu Lesan in Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts since 1979 and received a master’s degree in calligraphy. In 1993, Chen was promoted professor and Ph D advisor at China Academy of Fine Arts. And in 2000, he was appointed Vice Dean of the School of Humanities of Zhejiang University, Dean of the Department of Arts, Director of the Zhejiang University Institute of Chinese Arts, and a Ph D advisor. Now, Chen Zhenlian enjoys a high reputation for his initiative achievements in production, theoretic study and education, with the title of State-Level Expert and is a winner of special government allowance. Chen Zhenlian is currently Dean of the School of Arts of Zhejiang University, Director of the Center of Calligraphy and Painting Authentification of Zhejiang University, professor and Ph D advisor at China Academy of Fine Arts, member of the Standing Committee of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Congress, deputy director of Hangzhou Municipal People’s Congress, director of China Calligraphers Association, assistant director of the academic committee of China Calligraphers Association, assistant director of the Calligraphy Education Committee of The Chinese Society of Education, Chairman of China Youth Calligraphers Association, Vice Chairman of Zhejiang Provincial Calligraphers Association, Deputy Chairman and Secretary-General of Xiling Seal Engravers Society and Vice Chairman of Zhejiang Provincial Soceity of Sino-Japanese Relations History. And in 2007, Chen Zhenlian received the title of Top 10 Influential People in Calligraphy and Painting.

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