Feng Yuan studio holds a reporting exhibition

Source: Time:2009-12-08

Feng Yuan studio affiliated with China Art Academy has held an exhibition entitled “Ink image” concerning ink figure painting at the National Art Museum of China. The exhibition comprises the portraits by the eight students since the courses started March 29 last year. 

The participants include Li Yeqing, professor of art college of Hubei Normal University, Li Ben, professor of art college of Henan Univeristy, Wang Ke, professor of art college of Capital Normal University, Zhou Liying, artist from the Navy Political Department, Tan Nailin, director of the creation department of Qingdao Academy of Art, Li Lianzhi, artist from the political department of Shenyang Military Command, Fan Zhibin, lecturer of college of arts and media of Beijing Normal University and Yang Xiaogang, artist from Jinan Academy of Art. 

Feng Yuan, vice chairman of the China Federation of literary and Art Circles and famous portrait artist, and Zhang Xiaoling, famous artistic theorist has taken active participation in the training class as tutors. The students have been devoted to research and learning and has presented a number of huge works with the realistic themes, which surpass the current level. Such efforts have gained relevant experience in the innovation of modern Chinese figure painting.  

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