A calligraphic and seal-cutting exhibition from Hubei province is on display

Source:中国美术馆 Time:2009-12-07

Sponsored by Publicity department of Hubei provincial committee of CPC, Hubei Federation of Literary and Art Circles and Hubei Calligrapher Association, a calligraphic and seal-cutting exhibition entitled “Image of Jingchu Art ” is currently on display at Hall 3, 7 and 9 until Dec. 10, 2009.

The exhibition comprises a total of 185 works as well as relevant publications including introduction to famous contemporary and modern calligraphers and excellent collections of the Calligraphers Association members in Hubei province. A forum named “calligraphic doctrine of Jingchu art” will be held with a discussion of the school, the style and the development.

The calligraphic art is an important part of the Chinese civilization. Hubei province boasts a profound connotation in the art of calligraphy, which features creativity and novelty with the efforts of Su Dongpo, Huang Tingjian, Mi Fei, Zhang Yuzhao and Yang Shoujing. Since the reform and the opening up, the local calligraphic art combines the modern aesthetic appeal and establishes a unique style and occupies an important position in the contemporary calligraphic circles by carrying on the tradition of the ancient culture along with the spirit of the time.

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