Wang Xinjun holds a photographic exhibition about Africa

Source:中国美术馆 Time:2009-12-07

This year marks the 53rd anniversary of the diplomatic establishment between China and Africa. To better mutual friendship of two nations and bilateral exchanges in cultures, Wang Xinjun, a Chinese-American director and photographer presents his photos filmed in four African countries at Hall 5 until December 10, 2009.

Wang Xinjun took active participation in more than 200 films and teleplays as a director, actor, playwright and producer. His masterpieces are The Silk Road, Liangzhou with a full moon and The flavor of the Tangg Dynasty and the appeal of the Song Dynasty. 

A total of 150 exhibits are selections from nearly ten thousand photos taken in Kenya, South Africa, Lesotho and Malawi where he held solo tournament exhibitions during 2008 Beijing Olympics. The works reflect the local customs of the mysterious Africa in an aim to help audience know beautiful Africa and world.  

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