An artistic exhibition on the Tibetan Plateau is on display

Source:北京日报 Time:2009-11-19

Sponsored by China Association for Preservation and Development of Tibetan Culture and China Artists Association, an arts exhibition entitled “Inspiration from the Plateau”, among a series of activities called “Reporting to the motherland” to celebrate the 60th anniversary of New China, is currently on display at Halls from 1 to 9 until Nov. 30. The show demonstrates the great historic breakthroughs and remarkable achievements in the region as the largest artistic of this kind focusing on the Plateau since 1949.

The exhibition comprises a total of more than 500 works. Included are quite a few works by Wu Zuoren and Sun Zongwei during their journey to West China in the 1940s as well as those by Dong Xiwen and Ye Qianyu in the past six decades. The works covers a wide range from traditional Chinese paintings and oil paintings to engraved paintings and sculptures. The show provides a review of artistic creation on the basis of the tradition. It also displays a large number of works by the contemporary Tibetan artists as a demonstration of their exquisite capability. 

In May this year, China Artists Association invited a number of celebrated artists to Tibet for creation. The exhibition also displays some works concerning the Plateau selected from the 11th National Artistic Exhibition. Those exhibits demonstrate the great changes since the reform and opening up and the new achievements and outlooks of the New Tibet. 

The exhibition arranges a special exhibition at Hall 2 and 3 in an aim to introduce nine influential artists in the history of the Chinese art as well as their masterpieces including Wu Zuoren, Ye Qianyu, Dong Xiwen, Zhan Jianjun, Pan Shixun, Li Xuanmin, Xu Kuang, Nima Zeren and Qijia Dawan.

As a review of the theme of the Chinese art, the exhibition has made a contribution to prospering the Chinese civilization and reflecting the unique cultural appeal and the endless artistic creativity of different nationalities in the whole Chinese family. It is also a demonstration of great devotion by the artists in the Plateau and by the artists of minorities to the local resources. 

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