The Fifth Anniversary Exhibition of China Realism School was veiled yesterday

Source:中国美术馆 Time:2009-10-28

Sponsored by China Art Academy, The Fifth Anniversary Exhibition of China Realism School is currently on display at Hall 1, 2 and 3 of the National Art Museum of China until Nov 10. The exhibition comprises a total of 150 paintings by 30 celebrated artists including Ai Xuan, Yang Feiyun, Wang Yidong, Chen Yanning, Chen Mangyao, He Duolin and Chen Yifei (late). Wang Wenzhang, vice Culture Minister and president of Graduate School of China Art Academy, spoke highly of the exhibition, which has provided a review of China Realism School in the past five years and demonstrated the existing value of the school as an important school.

China Realism School has held such an exhibition each year for the past five years since its establishment. The school was initiated by Ai Xuan, Yang Feiyun and Wang Yidong, and was then called “Beijing Realism School” with a total of 13 members. On March 2005, with the suggestion of Chen Yifei, who joined the afterwards, the school was named after China Realism School and has boasted 30 artists until now. They are Ai Xuan, Yang Feiyun, Wang Yidong, Chen Yanning, Xu Mangyao, He Duolin, Liu Kongxi, Shang Ding, Yuan Zhengyang, Guo Runwen, Wang Hongjian, Chao Ge, Zhang Li, Long Liyou, Xia Xing, Li Shijin, Wang Yuqi, Xu Weixin, Zheng Yi, Weng Wei, Xin Dongwang, Pang Maokun, Leng Jun, Yin Xiong, Shi Liang, Li Guijun, Zhang Yibo, Zhu Chunlin, Wang Shaolun and Chen Yifei.

Reclining Nude, an oil painting by Chen Yifei, reflects light sentiment and the Western painting technique by the artist as well as the traditional Chinese cultural spirit. The works by Ai Xuan adopts the landscape and the characters in Tibet as the theme. Sacred Mountain is a combination of poetic emotion and mysterious feeling. Yang Feiyun reveals the beauty discovered in everyday life through authentic and delicate classic painting languages. Going to work demonstrates steadiness and elegance through graceful characters and harmonious colors. Beautiful countryside Ⅱ visiting the spring and Cicadas are singing take advantage of the achievements of both the traditional Chinese painting and folk art and reflect the local customs of Yimeng mountainous areas. Compared to works by the artists above, those by Chen Yanning reflect the message of eternal universe beyond the culture and the history.

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