Zhu Yingpei and Ouyang Ping present photography about Jiangxi province

Source: Time:2009-08-13

Sponsored by Natural Photography Association of Jiangxi province, Zhu Yingpei and Ouyang Ping hold a joint exhibition about natural scenery at Hall 3 from August 9 to August 16. The exhibition comprises more than 80 artworks in recent years as a reflection of the beautiful natural scenery of Jiangxi province centered on Poyang Lake ecosphere. The show also reveals their affection and devotion to the land.

Poyang Lake, the largest freshwater lake in China, covers an area of 103 km2 with 41 islands. Its wetland is 3,130 km2 wide and is one the six largest in the world. Rich in ecological resources, the lake is the largest habitat for tens of thousands of migratory birds during winters. In the shape of a gourd, the lake is 110 km long from south to north, 50 to 70 km wide from east to west and 5 to 15 km narrow in the north. The lake along with Ganjiang River, Xiushui, Bojiang, Xinjiang and Fujiang flows into the Yangtze River, and presents unique scenery with the changing seasons.

The exhibits fully reflect the view of Poyang Lake ecological environment, such as the pure water, the simple fishing life and the rare birds.

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