Hebei Art Academy presents a landscape painting exhibition

Source: Time:2009-08-11

Sponsored by Chinese Artists Association, Renmin University of China and Li Keran Art Foundation,the 7th tournament exhibition about the picturesque land is currently on display at Hall 5, 7 and 9 from August 8 to August 15, 2009. The exhibition is of unique importance in time of the 60th anniversary of New China, the 10th death anniversary of Li Keran and the 1st anniversary of the Beijing Olympics.



Initiated by Li Keran, a great master, Hebei Art Society has attached great importance to the academy, the tradition, the progress, the friendship and the morals in the past twenty-two years. In accordance with the main stream of the national culture, the society has made great efforts to promote the development of the Chinese landscape paintings.

 The exhibition comprises a total o f 150 artworks by nearly 70 old and young members, including Li Keran, Li Wenxin, Zhong Zengya, Lu Yifei, Zhang Ding, Zhou Shaohua, Feng Jinsong, Li Baolin and Long Rui. The show is not only an review of the society in the past two decades but also a comprehensive array of the contemporary landscape paintings.

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