A contemporary art exhibition across the Strait is currently display

Source: Time:2009-07-28

With the sponsorship of the China Friendship Association of Cultural Circles, National Taiwan Fine Arts Foundation, National Art Museum of China and Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, a contemporary art exhibition across the Strait entitled in “To tell ? to explain” is currently on display at eleven halls on the ground, third and fifth floors from July 23 until August 13, 2009.

As a joint effort of the artists across the Strait for the first time, the exhibition reflects the common aspiration of further mutual communication across the Strait through the art and demonstrates the foundation of the development of the artistic cause. The exhibition also shows the far-reaching meaning of the museums across the Straits in promoting the contemporary art and culture.

The exhibition presented its debut at Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taizhong from May 23 to June 28, 2009.

As the main theme of this show, “to tell and to explain” intends to present the basic connotation, namely, under the circumstance of the modern culture, the relation between the humans and between the human and the environment as well as the cultural characteristic of “exchange” an “dialogue” of the modern art. 

Arranged by Fan Di’an, director of National Art Museum of China and Xue Baoxia, director of Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, the exhibition comprises three parts, namely, history and memory, reality and reflection, private experience and public space. The show is related with historical evolution, social status and cultural tradition and private feeling, experience and thoughts. 

The exhibition comprises a total 58 artworks including paintings, devices, photos and videos by 59 artists across the Strait. Scholars and artists from mainland and Taiwan are invited to seminars concerning the topics of the contemporary art as well as a series of public educational programs.

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