Artistic exhibition celebrates 30th anniversary of reform and opening up

Source:中国美术馆 Time:2008-12-22

Co-Sponsored by Ministry of Culture and Shenzhen Government and organized by the National Art Museum of China, Publicity Department of Shenzhen Party Committee and Shenzhen Cultural Bureau, an artistic exhibition for the 30th anniversary celebration of the reform and opening up is currently on display at Hall 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 until December, 24.

More than 200 celebrities from all walks of life attended the opening ceremony on Dec. 17 at the museum. More than 200 pieces of fine artistic works like magnificent scrolls brings the audience back to the past since the reform and opening up three decades ago. Most of the exhibits are selections from excellent collections in the museum as well as some recent masterpieces by the artists from Shenzhen city. Boasting various kinds of artistic modes including the Chinese paintings, oil paintings,engraved paintings, watercolor paintings, lacquer paintings and sculptures, the exhibition reflects the changes during such special history, the creative spirit of the Chinese art and its brand-new characteristics. The show is divided into the following four sections: the era, the construction, the garden and the view.

The first section demonstrates the significant events since the reform and opening up and the great spirits through artistic works of different periods. Quite a few works present the brilliant image of De Xiaoping as  chief architect of the reform and opening up and his significant contribution to the nation, such as The gale, an oil painting by Li Xiushi in 1979, The bust portrait of Deng Xiaoping Bust, a sculpture by Cheng Yunxian in 1987 and Night wind, a Chinese painting by Liu Dawei in 1991. A number of works express the specific cultural spirit under such special circumstance as well as social responsibilities shouldered by the artists, including November 24, 1978 ・ Xiaogang Village,  Striding toward the world, Women volleyball team won, Graduates defense theses, The bull opens barren land- to Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, Flood fighting in 1998, Shenzhen story and Serial pictures of earthquake combat �C love in the world.

The “construction” section praises remarkable achievements in different fields and the spiritual mood of the laborers in the past three decades, including The morning of the Xisha Islands by He An in 1979, Sunshine after the rain by Wang Datong in 1979, Wan nationality by Sun Jingbo in 1980, Molten steel・ Sweat by Guang Tingbo in 1981, Milking the cow by Wu Changjiang in 1982, Tide by Zhan Jianjun in 1984, Woman in the mine by Yan Ping in 1984, Turfan in August by Wang Mingming in 1999, and Construction shed by Xu Weixin in 2004.

The “garden” section reflects the great changes taking place in the garden and praises the life temperament in the past 30 years. The representative works are Rain by Li Kuchan in 1978, Lotus by Liu Haisu in 1979, Glorious flowers in spring and solid fruits in autumn by Zhu Naizheng in 1979, Herding in plateau by Wu Zouren in 1982, Future world by Wang Xiaoming in 1984, Early spring by Su Tianci in 1988, Glamour by Dong Xiaoming in 1996 and Cool autumn by Pan Gongkai in 2006.

The last section with the focus on the portraits represents different humane and social looks during various periods in the past three decades through abundant styles, including Father by Luo Zhongli in 1980, Senior man in Luzhuang by Li Bo’an in 1981, Uygur people by Ye Qianyu in 1982, Tajik bride by Jin Shangyi in 1984, Salute to the new times by Liu Kaiqu in 1984, Sitting girl by Zhan Wang in 1990, Serial pictures of witnessing the grow-up by Yu Hong from 1999 to 2001 and The son of tomorrow by Feng Yuan in 2006. 

A special exhibition entitled “the story of the spring” attracts much attention. It demonstrates great changes of the dynamic city through adopting the multi-media way, including 5 groups of works. They are “Shenzhen theatre” by Li Jianping, “Thirty years” by Zhou Tao, “The city of one night” by Huang Renzhong, an interacting touching screen device by Jin Jiangbo and “Shenzhen milestones” and “Shenzhen reminiscence” as interacting electronic devices.  

In the past thirty-year revolution, all the artistic creation has witnessed the splendid development since the reform and opening up and reflected the brand-new looks. The Chinese art has enjoyed remarkable achievements and vitality with overall progress in the economic and social fields, such as diversified styles, unique languages, numerous talents, abundant activities and open development space. The fast development of the Chinese art has provided the public with abundant spiritual food and excellent cultural fruits.   

An academic seminar was held on the afternoon of Dec. 17. And an album named “Artistic Collection celebrating the 30th anniversary of the reform and opening up” was published with the exhibition.

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