Oil painting research exhibition pursues source and doctrine

Source:中国美术馆 Time:2008-12-11

Sponsored by China Art Research Institute, an oil painting research exhibition entitled “pursuing source and doctrine” is currently on display on all the third and fifth floors until Dec. 24. It exhibits nearly 230 pieces of paintings by the most representative and influential artists of different ages in the past three decades, such as Wu Guanzhong, Jin Shangyi, Chen Danqing, Yang Feiyun, Wang Yidong and Liu Xiao, etc. It is a very rare exhibition that a large number of celebrated artists are involved in.   

The exhibition advocates the academic concept of the “source” and the “doctrine”. The former refers to the source of the painting art and its comprehensive value, and the latter means the artistic spirit and the rule pursued by human beings. In the academic framework, such concept emphasizes further research on the western oil painting system at the starting point of the classic artistic spirit since the Renaissance, the respect to the eternal and harmonious artistic rules and the pursuit of the authentic and esthetic principles and value standards. The exhibition focuses the spirit on the macro value with the core of “the true, the good and the beautiful”, which is particularly important in the modern times with image overflow and standard shortage. The show emphasizes the authenticity of the soul to the objects and the purity of the language identity.

All the paintings originate from various galleries, collectors and artists. Yang Feiyun expressed, “the exhibition includes the majority of the most representative oil paintings by contemporary artists, presenting horizontally the highest level nowadays and witnessing vertically the process of the Chinese oil painting in the past 30 years.”

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