Retrospective exhibition presents development of the Chinese paintings

Source: Time:2008-12-03

Co-sponsored by China National Art Institute and National Art Museum of China, a retrospective exhibition from 1978 to 2008 entitled “Road of the Chinese paintings in the new era” is currently on display on the first floor of the museum until Dec.5. The exhibition presents more than 300 pieces of works and intends to reveal the diversified techniques in the field of the Chinese paintings and even great changes of thinking modes since the reform and opening to the outside world was implemented 30 years ago. 

The art of the Chinese paintings has experienced important transformation in the past 30 years, such as the suspicion to the national tradition and the adoration to the western modern artistic in the 1980s, and the value confusion caused by the commercialization in the 1990s. Under the circumstance of the conflict between the western concept and the traditional thoughts, it is the academic hope to hold the spirit and consider the cultural stands. And the academic precondition of the future-oriented art is to make an overview of different kinds of artistic phenomena, thoughts and concepts.


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