Contemporary artist Zhang Song holds exhibition

Source:中国美术馆 Time:2008-11-20

Co-sponsored by Chinese Artists Association and Anhui Federation of Literary and Art Circles, the exhibition of Zhang Song is currently on display at Hall 3 until Nov. 25. It exhibits about one hundred pieces of landscape paintings including Spring sunshine on Yellow Mountain and Refreshing world, which were taken to the universe with the manned space shuttle Shengzhou-7.   

Born in North China’s Anhui province in 1952, Zhang Song has been devoted to the art of landscape paintings in the past forty years since he was graduated from professional institutes. He is now member of Anhui Federation of Literary and Art Circles and Secretary General of Anhui Artists Association. He believes that the impulse of the artistic soul originates from the world in the eyes and realizes good combination of using brush, splashing ink and applying color. He is seeking for harmony between dynamism and quietness, tradition and modernity, and is establishing his artistic notations and unique style.

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