Lu Yanshao’s exhibition for his 100th birthday anniversary is unveiled

Source:中国美术馆 Time:2008-11-05

In memory of his centennial birthday anniversary, Lu Yanshao’ s artistic exhibition has been unveiled from Oct.31 until Nov. 6 at Hall 1 and 3.

After two successful exhibitions in Shanghai and Nanjing, the show intends to provide an overview of his remarkable achievements through more than 150 pieces of works since the 1950s. And relevant seminars were held among such renowned theorists as Lang Shaojun, Xue Yongnian and Fan Di’an. 

Born in 1909 in Shanghai, Lu Yanshao is a famous contemporary painter, calligrapher and educator. He was president of Zhejiang Painting Academy and member of China Artists Association. Despite constant frustrations, he devoted himself to the artistic life with his perseverance and serious attitude. He established a style named after his name based on solid foundation and positive innovation.    

Lu Yanshao showed great interest in art at early age and learned from Feng Chaoran, a famous painter at that time. He made research on traditional techniques and developed a new refined style. He made good use of outstanding techniques of different generations, and brought about great influence to modern and contemporary painting circle. 

Besides his remarkable achievements, Lu Yanshao was also devoted to education practice. He made great contribution to training outstanding talents for the development of the Chinese paintings. He left great spiritual treasure for the history of traditional Chinese paintings. It is rather precious to recall the education and the tradition of the Chinese paintings in the 20th century and its further development with an overview of his achievements and educational practice

Lu Yanshao Collection by Zhejiang People's Fine Arts Publishing House was debuted on Oct. 31. The six-volume book includes more than 1,500 paintings and drafts and 500,000 words. The first volume is focused on his painting masterpieces, the fifth refers calligraphy, and the last introduces his milestones and theory. Arranged according to the creation period, the book is selected from more than 10,000 pieces of works from personal collectors, museums and colleges. 

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