Manolo Valdés holds the first artistic exhibition in China

Source:中国美术馆 Time:2008-10-27

The Artistic Exhibition of Manolo Valdés was debuted at Hall 2 and 4 on Oct. 17 until Nov. 13. With great support of Marlborough Gallery, the exhibition showcases his masterpieces in the fields of oil paintings, sketch paintings, sculptures and engraved paintings, such as Portrait con Marco, Odalisca V, Arielle, Reina Menina and Woman on a horse.

As one of the most outstanding contemporary artists in the world, Manolo Valdés is keen to attempt different kinds of new forms in line with the originality. Born in Valencia of Spain in 1942, Manolo Valdés has been devoted to the art since the 1960s. He has made achievements in various respects stretching from painting, sculpture to comprehensive media art. He organized an artistic team called Equipo Cronica with Rafael Solbes and Joan Toledo. Inspired by the pop art in the USA and UK, they attempted different kinds of artistic forms, image usage and presentation to the society and the politics especially the disagreements on the dictatorship of Spanish ruler Franco. He focuses on unique powerful satire, representation in the details and the most typical images.

According to Fan Di’an, Director of the National Art Museum of China, his works reflect the contemporary attribute transcending modernism. Although the prototypes in the works by Rubens, Velzquez and Matisse can be found in his works, Manolo Valdés pays close attention to the concern about the life and presents the familiar images in the modern language. He is keen to created a strong appeal of the form through mixing and drawing on such unique materials as cloths and paper. 

His works have been collected by persons and organizations across the globe, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Institute of Modern Art in Valencia, and Pompidou Centre in Paris. Reina Menina, a large-sized sculpture, will be donated to the museum.


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