Mexican photographer Pedro Meyer holds photographic Exhibition

Source:中国美术馆 Time:2008-10-23

“Difference - Photographic Exhibition of Pedro Meyer” sponsored by NAMOC is currently on display until Oct. 31 at Hall 5 and 7 with a total of 110 photos created since the 1950s. All the photos will be donated to the museum in attempt to provide the audience with new visual effect caused by modern scientific and technological means in the field of international contemporary photographic art. 

Born into a Jewish family in Madrid of Spain in 1935, Pedro Meyer became the Mexican citizen after immigrating with his parents in 1938. He started learning photography at the age of 11 and published the first photo at 15. As one of the most recognized representatives of contemporary photography, he has established a unique style of peculiar insight and variety with a wide range from social reality to digital art.

Pedro Meyer reveals the strong artistic style with the Latin-American culture in the photos. He has established unique style and put his conception into the practice through seeking for the ethical and cultural identity in the field of photography.

The Meyers’ is a combined photography of his father and him in 1940 as well as him and his son in 2000. With photographic techniques, he mixed the two paternal relations across time and space into the combination of montagemontage and he named it after “the portrait to the soul”.

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