Academy and art exhibition memories Wu Zuoren’s centennial birthday

Source:中国美术馆 Time:2008-10-22

Sponsored by Ministry of Culture and China Federation of literary and Art Circles, “academy and art ― centennial birthday memory exhibition of Wu Zuoren” is currently on display at Hall 1 and 3 until Nov. 28.

The exhibition showcases his masterpieces including “Portrait of Qi Baishi” and “Shanmen George of the Yellow River”. His academic experience is also on display, comprising of three sections, namely, his study at home and abroad, his artistic and educational thoughts, and last his educational practice and achievements.    

At the 90 anniversary of the establishment of China Central Academy of Fine Arts, the exhibition intend to show precious legacy left by Wu Zuoren to the artistic and educational cause with his devotion all his life. He studied in China Central Academy of Fine Arts at early age, went for further study in the western world, and worked as a teacher at artistic schools after his return. His experience reflects the efforts of intellectuals to save the nation through combining the advanced western academic system with the Chinese traditions. A variety of seminars will be held and several relevant books will be published during the exhibition.

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