Research exhibition on Chinese modern oil paintings is unveiled

Source:中国美术馆 Time:2008-09-29

After the exhibition of “spirit and character” in 2006, China Oil Painting Society has held “expansion and fusion �Cresearch exhibition on Chinese modern oil paintings” at Hall1, 2, 3,6,7,8 and 9 until Oct.8. With the continuity in the academic themes, the two exhibitions complement from different perspectives and promote the overall development of the Chinese oil painting in the academic research.  

With a total of 160 paintings on display, the exhibition comprises three parts, namely, human beings, the nature and the imagination and reconstruction of the world. Through using new materials and languages, some artists express their feeling about the realistic life and reflect the aesthetic conceptions to seek for changes, diversity and abundance in the times of new science and technology.

Although it can not reveal the whole vision of the Chinese modern art, the exhibition successfully attempts to provide plenty of information for the research through academic discussions and exchanges.  

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