Li Baoquan calligraphic exhibition is on display

Source:中国美术馆 Time:2008-09-29

Sponsored by China Calligraphers Association, Li Baoquan has held calligraphic exhibition named “growing with New China” with 59 pieces of work at Hall 4 until Oct. 6 in order to celebrate the 59th anniversary of the New China establishment.

Born in Northeast China’s Liaoning province in1949, Li Baoquan is a member of China Calligraphers Association and vice chairman of the Calligraphers Association in Shenyang. He has witness the development of New China with his process in the calligraphic art. He has taken active participation to promoting the calligraphic art and inheriting the traditional art.

His running and cursive scripts feature exquisiteness and grandeur and his official and seal scripts feature simplicity and strength. He received various awards in the calligraphic competitions and his works have been collected by the cultural societies and friends at home and abroad.   

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