"Combining Various Schools to Make an Innovation-Yao Jianping Embroidery Art Exhibition"was Ceremoniously Inaugurated in NAMOC

Source:namoc Time:2015-12-13

On December 1st, 2015, "Combining Various Schools to Make an Innovation-Yao Jianping Embroidery Art Exhibition" co-organized by China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department of Jiangsu, China Arts-Crafts Association, China Society for the Study of Folk Literature and Art, China Association of Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage and Jiangsu Federation of Literary and Art Circles, supported by People's Government of Suzhou and co-organized by Jiangsu Folk Literary and Art Society and Jiangsu Arts and Crafts Association was ceremoniously inaugurated in the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC). 

The famous embroidery artist of Suzhou Yao Jianping is the national-level non-genetic inheritor of embroidery of Suzhou. On September 19th this year, she was just awarded the honor of "National Young and Middle-aged Literary and Art Workers with Skills and Morality". Through many years of working in embroidery art and on the basis of her inheritance and innovation, Yao Jianping has developed the embroidery style of integrating various embroidery methods and initiated the unique artistic road of Yao-school through continuous exploration, practice and accumulation. Her works not only inherited the artistic features of delicacy and elegance of the traditional embroidery of Suzhou but also integrated the modern features and fashionable beauty. In the embroidery of figures, animals, scenery and flowers, she has displayed her brilliant accomplishments. In 2014, she created two works for national gift Blossom of Hibiscus and Portraits of Mexican President and His Wife which were presented respectively to Park Geun-hye, president of South Korea and Enrique Pena Nieto, president of Mexico by Xi Jinping, our state president. In 2015, her embroidery work Time is Like a Song was presented to British Queen Elizabeth II by Chinese president Xi Jinping at Buckingham Palace. Therefore, she was entitled as "Master of National Embroidery".

In her embroidery career with inheritance and innovation, Yao Jianping has made continuous exploration and breakthrough in limits of theme and size about traditional embroidery of Suzhou and composed melody of this era with a small silver needle. In recent years, she has created successive large pieces of embroidery of Suzhou of Harmony: Hundred year Olympic Games, China interprets a dream, What a Great World, Silk Road, All Rivers Run into Sea, and the Early Spring of South of China. These works with confirming to the national style and theme have attracted great attention. 

The theme works displayed in this exhibition, a group of two pieces of embroidery of Suzhou, Silk Road, are created by Yao Jianping after he learned and experienced the important topic of the new Silk Road economic belt proposed by president Xi Jinping in 2013.

The overall structure of the series works of embroidery of Suzhou Silk Road presented the historical heritage and modern consideration by adoption of the intersection and interception of time and space and reference of the artistic expression method of Montage. The whole group includes two large pieces of works, Go West from Chang’an and Return from a Rewarding Journey. These two independent and united works both presented the heritage and extension of Silk Road for over two thousand years respectively and indicated the longing and praise for the new silk road through different ages, main colors and cultural backgrounds.    

As to the embroidery art of Yao Jianping, NAMOC curator Wu Weishan gave the praise that a nation, a state and a age need the spirit and soul. The artist's soul lies in the creation to the tradition. From the traditional flat stitches embroidery to the emulational embroidery and crewel embroidery, embroidery of Suzhou meets the Chinese dream of great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation through efforts of numerous masters and embroiders. Therefore, the integration is required to communicate the east and the west and connect the ancient times and the modern world. Inspired by this Chinese spirit, Yao Jianping developed her special "integration embroidery" through difficulties and pleasure of failure and success, which is not only a method but also an expression of cultural ideal and creative idea. It is another monument in the development of embroidery of Suzhou.

This exhibition lasted to December 10th from December 1st. It displayed the classic representative works in many years of embroidery career of Yao Jianping. The series theme works of Silk Road were displayed at the domestic art museum for the first time, which makes people to closely appreciate the unique charm of Chinese national art treasure, the embroidery of Suzhou.

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