"Field of Vision --Contemporary Art Exhibition of Gu Changwei" Was Ceremoniously

Source:namoc Time:2015-12-13

The "Field of Vision --Contemporary Art Exhibition of Gu Changwei" was ceremoniously inaugurated in the National Art Museum of China on November 22, 2015. It was sponsored by NAMOC and brought the visitors into the NAMOC and the contemporary world of Gu Changwei. This exhibition displayed over 60 pieces of Gu Changwei’s works including photography, videos, equipment and statue from all dimensions and presented a visual feast of on-site experience about multimedia art from his unique perspective as a movie director to observe the life, the flexible artistic expression methods and application of modern high technology.

Since 2014, the famous director and photographer Gu Changwei has created series of works with the theme of one-hundred-yuan note by virtue of multimedia technology of modern imaging. This series of works show parts and details of one-hundred-yuan note and extend the pictures in the note to the scenes and objects in real world with application of high technological methods, which makes new practice and exploration to the contemporary art. In this display, the majority of works were about the theme of one-hundred-yuan note from the micro perspective, which broke the public experience to the common objects and presented them to the viewer with a new aspect. It not only involves the change of a small piece of note but also include something outside of the material. Additionally, it also brings an opportunity for viewers to retrospect and interpret their hearts again.  

Mr. Gu Changwei graduated from school of photography of Beijing Film Academy with the strength of expressing lens language. In the display, a group of imaging works newly created with the background of Great Hall of the People was deeply impressive. Different from other modern artists, Gu Changwei has the identity of common culture and realizes the connection and shift between the modernism and postmodernism from his own work experience. The work language is the basis for them to create the contemporary art and without this experience, the new art form is impossible to be created. In the display, there were also some interesting equipment and statues. These artistic works with the theme of one-hundred-note are activities of shown by Gu Changwei. The works originated from some subtle nihilism inside the note but displayed in specific form to the viewer, while image nihilism was filled with surge and fluctuation. This is the artistic world of Gu Changwei. When facing up with the existence of nihilism, we read deliberation, hesitation, contempt, irony, affirmation and negation which are humanity and humanistic concern in Gu Changwei’s works.

At the moment of holding the exhibition, Mr. Gu Changwei donated 55 works including 50 pieces of photography works and 5 videos, equipment and statues to the state and they will be permanent collection of NAMOC. These artistic works with special artistic creation and personal style have enriched the contemporary art collection of NAMOC and provide research and appreciation for more viewers in national art collection system. NAMOC also expects to display the diversity and possibility of the contemporary art to the public with the aim of being the cultural place of aesthetic improvement and self cultivation for the public.

The exhibition will last till twelve on November 23. At the same time, the picture album of "Field of Vision --Contemporary Art Exhibition of Gu Changwei" will be published.

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