“The Road of the Great Masters--Chinese Painting and Oil Paintings Exhibition” Unveiled in NAMOC

Source: Time:2015-11-24

On November 12th, 2015, “The Road of the Great Masters--Chinese Painting and Oil Paintings Exhibition” hosted by Central Academy of Fine Arts, China National Academy of Painting, Chinese Academy of Oil Painting was unveiled in National Art Museum of China(NAMOC). Masterpieces of twelve domestic artists including Chinese Painting Artists Li Baolin, Ye Yuzhong, Fan Yang, Tian Liming, Yang Xiaoyang and Lu Yushun, as well as Oil Painters Yang Feiyun, Chao Ge, Xie Dongming, Duan Zhengqu, Liu Jianping and Jiao Xiaojian.

“The Road of the Great Masters” exhibition was first held in 2011 and then held once a year, where classic masterpieces are timely displayed to show artists’ artistic achievements and their enthusiasm and devotion towards art. The exhibition this time carries on the previous style of “The Road of the Great Masters” and works of the twelve artists involve elements of the ancient times and nowadays, forming a spatio-temporal traversing of the painting art. Meanwhile, this exhibition boldly explores the spirit with pioneer consciousness while adhering to maintaining the essence of traditional art culture.

Works exhibited include two categories of Chinese painting and oil painting. The exhibition tries hard to demonstrate artists’ thoughts towards art from different angles. They present the precious consciousness and strength of current society in Chinese painting and oil painting works, reflecting that The Road of the Great Masters advances with the times. Aiming for the successful host of this exhibition, and harboring true love towards art as well as the hope for the great rejuvenation of traditional national culture, all art masters of this exhibition develop and expand the great achievements and supreme status in our country’s artistic circles since the establishment of China and lively show the beautiful landscape of our country by applying colors to the drawings, showing their master demeanors.

Zheng Manlin, curator of this exhibition, said that this exhibition has provided a chance for people from all walks of life to explore the width and depth of artists’ creation by displaying works that have rich connotation, profound artistic conception and afford for thought. He also hopes to provide a benign development communication platform for the artistic industry of traditional Chinese painting and oil painting through holding this art exhibition, making “The Road of the Great Masters” become the cradle for breeding excellent art works and the important channel for bringing out outstanding art talents.

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