NAMOC International Exchange Series Exhibition: "The Art from National Art Museum of China" series goes into Mexico

Source:namoc Time:2015-10-09

“The Art from National Art Museum of China” series exhibition is an important inter-governmental cultural exchange project between China and Mexico. It is jointly sponsored by the National Art Museum of China and Mexico foreign ministry and Veracruz state cultural affairs bureau. From October to December 2014, Diego Rivera: Pride of Mexico was held successfully in NAMOC. The 34 pieces of works presented an all-round display of the process of artistic creation and artistic features of Diego Rivera, a most important artist of Mexico. The exhibition gained great popularity among Chinese audiences. Mexico president Enrique Pena Nieto greeted NAMOC curator Wu Weishan with a firm handshake in a meeting, thanking NAMOC for the great contribution in China-Mexico cultural exchange. As a return visit, NAMOC elaborately planned the large-scale Chinese contemporary art exhibition and folk art exhibition, designed to help Mexican people understand the great social changes and progress in China in the era of reform and opening up, have a taste of the great vitality of Chinese art, and feel about the energy and expressive force of Chinese traditional folk art. Since they were unveiled on July 8, 2015, the exhibitions attracted numerous audiences, and won high praise of Mexican people from various walks of life.

At 18:00, July 8 local time, the Diego Rivera art museum, based in Harappa, Mexico, was rapturous, decorated with lanterns and streamers. Huge exhibition posters and Chinese red lanterns decorated the Latin American town in the other side of the Pacific Ocean with rich Chinese charm. To facilitate a complete success of the China-Mexico artistic exchange program and expand the influence of the series exhibition, Veracruz state cultural affairs bureau and Diego Rivera art museum made elaborate preparations for the opening ceremony. Mexican musicians played cheerful melodies on the spot. Dancers dressed in traditional national costumes of Mexico danced passionate JAROCHO. Many Mexican guests loving Chinese culture, dressing Mandarin gowns, showed up on the scene, to add an atmosphere of joy for the opening ceremony. Over 30 news media organizations got ready long before the ceremony started. They made interviews with guests. Some reported the latest progress of the exhibition with video, image and texts on the spot.

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