Relay – Exhibition of Sketch Works from Teachers of Central Academy of Fine Arts opens in National Art Museum of China

Source:namoc Time:2015-07-23

To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory of Chinese Peoples War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and the World anti-Fascist War, the Central Academy of Fines Arts and National Art Museum of China sponsored jointly the Relay Exhibition of Sketches from Teachers of Central Academy of Fine Arts, which opened in the National Art Museum of China on July 7, 2015.

On July 7 of 70 years ago, Japanese troops deliberately provoked an incident in China, which led to the outbreak of the Marco Polo Bridge Incident. The great Anti-Japanese War was pulled open prelusive . To engrave the history on peoples minds, and reproduce the indomitable spirit of the Chinese people, the opening ceremony of the exhibition was arranged in the same day of 70 years later.

The exhibition put artistic creations of generations of artists of the Central Academy of Fine Arts on the Anti-Japanese War theme on display, as well as main documents, and new sketches of in-service teachers visiting the main sites of the Anti-Japanese War, and presenting the spiritual features of Chinese army and people. The works focus on the people, events, scenes and objects in the war and through the method of sketching, reveal contemporary artists mediation on history and expression of humanist spirits, and eulogize the great history of Chinese people resisting aggression and fighting for national independence. They include works on the Anti-Japanese War led by the Communist Party of China, such as <The Luochuan Meeting> by teachers of the attached middle school, and <The Battle of Huangtuling> by Su Haijiang, scroll paintings on Anti-Japanese battle lines of the Kuomintang troops, such as Sihang Warehouse by Kong Liang, and<Blood and Iron Brave Warriors> by Wang Hanying; works recording the Anti-Japanese War site sceneries, such as <Years in Flames of War Sacrifice to 70th Anniversary> by Sun Jingbo, and <Memory of History> by Lin Xiaochu; portraits of anti-Japanese War soldiers, such as <Veterans of Expeditionary Forces> by Shi Yu, and <Fight to the Last Seconds> by Liao Qin, sketches on relics of the Anti-Japanese War, such as <Unforgettable Memory> by Bai Xiaogang, and <Zuo Quan in Shanxi> by Wang Xiaowei; works on war disasters, such as the paintings in series on the January 28 Battle against Invading Japanese Army; portrayals of evidence of the crime of Japanese aggression against China, such as <Den of Monsters> by Lu Liang; and chapters on humanism of Chinese army and the people, such as <Nie Rongzhen and Mieko> by Dong Zhuo. The exhibition mainly comprised oil paintings, traditional Chinese paintings and sculptures. It also showed other forms of works including Li Lis illustrations <Fei Xili in Nightmares>, and public space design by Cui Donghuis team for the Wanping station of metro line 16.

The exhibition, shown in exhibition halls 13-17, lasted till July 15.

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