“The Second Exhibition of Chinese Painting·An Splendid Era” Opened in NAMOC

Source:namoc Time:2018-03-22

On March 15, 2018, “The Second Exhibition of Chinese Painting · An Splendid Era”, co-sponsored by Institute of Chinese Painting and National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) opened in NAMOC.
This academic exhibition has gathered all the works of the members of Institute of Chinese Painting since the first gathering happened in March 2015. The exhibition reflects the artistic achievements of contemporary Chinese painting and promotes the development of contemporary Chinese painting creation and research by displaying nearly 300 works created by the painters of the institute.
This exhibition aims to respond to the great call of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China that “firmly encourage cultural confidence, actively promote the prosperity of socialist culture”, presenting the overall academic outlook and artistic level of the Institute of Chinese Painting since its establishment seven years ago.
Compared with the first exhibition, this academic exhibition has introduced a planning mechanism with “the Pattern of Contemporary Chinese Painting” being the academic theme. It has been divided into three major units: “Painting Inheritance”, “Modern Painting” and “Urban Mind”, reflecting the three aspects of “traditionalism”, “temporal spirit” and “innovativeness” highlighted in the creation of contemporary Chinese paintings respectively to strive to diversify the artistic acceptance and academic frontiers of the Institute of Chinese Painting.
Most of the exhibited works are created by artists of the institute in the past three years. They have been carefully selected by the Art Review Committee to ensure the academic nature of the exhibition. In addition, some artists have also been designated to create large-scale works, which will also be presented in the exhibition.
Zhang Shijun, Secretary of the Party committee of NAMOC, said in his speech that Chinese painting is a representative of Chinese art, and the Institute of Chinese Painting is dedicated to the exploration and development of Chinese painting and has achieved fruitful results in academic research and artistic creation. This exhibition is home to a wide range of works of artists, including freehand brushwork, realistic painting, and abstract art. The theme of the works is rich and colorful, containing both natural taste and pastoral flavor, and it will also display era-reflecting masterpieces, reflecting a diverse cultural background.
The exhibition will be on display at Hall 1-9 of NAMOC until March 18. (Closed on Mondays).







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