“Spirit of the Time—Exhibition of Works of Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts” Raised the Curtain in NAMOC

Source: Time:2017-12-26

On the afternoon of December 16, 2017, co-hosted by Chinese Artists Association, China National Academy of Painting, Publicity Department of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, Higher Education Work Commission of the CPC Shaanxi Provincial Committee, Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education, Shaanxi Federation of Literary and Art Circles and Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts, “Spirit of the Time—Exhibition of Works of Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts” raised the curtain in National Art Museum of China (NAMOC).
“Spirit of the Time—Exhibition of Works of Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts” presented nearly 200 works in total, which was aimed to guide the broad masses of art workers to not only form new atmosphere and take new look on the basis of maintaining cultural confidence, but also truly create for the people, sing an ode to the era and expound on ideas for the whole society. These exhibited works demonstrated the “spirit of the time” with characteristics of the northwest region, Chinese style and international vision in three-pronged manner. 
In his speech at the opening ceremony, Guo Xianlu, President of Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts, pointed out that as a university with revolutionary gene and excellent historical tradition, Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts persists in taking the path of distinctive development during its 68-year history, and forms the pattern of artistic creation and education for the old, the middle-aged and the young professionals. A large number of accomplished artists and art educators, represented by Wang Ziyun, Shi Lu, Zhao Wangyun, Liu Mengtian, Wang Zhanfei, Chen Qi’nan, Liu Wenxi, Zheng Naiguang, Luo Ming, Wu Dezu, Ma Gaihu, Xu Feng, Zhan Beixin, Cai Liang, Chen Zhongzhi, Wang Ziwu, Wang Chongren, Fan Wenjiang, Li Xiqin, Yang Lizhou and Yang Xiaoyang, spring up like mushrooms. Shaanxi gives birth to the rich cultural connotation of the Chinese Nation and the northwestern region. Chinese civilization development for thousands of years enables Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts to possess abundant artistic nutrients and resources, which lays a solid foundation for the further promotion and strengthening of the traditional dominant disciplines. As the starting point of “the Silk Road” and the bridgehead for construction of “The Belt and Road”, Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts historically takes important responsibility for cultural rejuvenation. Under the guidance of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s Literature and Art Thought for New Era, Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts carries out literary and artistic creation living up to the expectations of the times by going into the thick of life and taking root in the common people.
Xu Li spoke highly of this exhibition a grand event for the Chinese education and art circles in his speech. “These excellent works, made by more than 200 artists, unveil as a whole and vividly roll out the brilliant history scroll of the Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts. They take root in the people, express life, carry forward the traditions, keep keen eye on the present moment, devote to prosperous culture of the times, and enjoy extensive acclaim and favorable evaluation from the society”.
According to Yang Xiaoyang in his speech, “Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts sets foothold on long history of the Zhou, Qin, Han and Tang Dynasties’ culture, upholds a variety of traditional folk arts, insists on Yan’an Revolutionary Culture, tradition of Chang’an Painting School and tradition of Loess Painting School. It can be said that few universities boast such cultural foundation in China. In recent years, Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts has shaped up its own characteristics and styles. This exhibition is an important proof in this regard”.
According to Fan Di’an in his speech, “Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts carefully presents this exhibition in the nationwide craze of implementing the keynote of the Nineteenth National Congress of the CPC, which affords good opportunities for art education and fine arts circles to exchange, discuss and study. Xi’an Academy of Art insists on establishing morality and cultivating talents, guides students with the cultural traditions of the northwest region and economic and social development and cultural construction of Xi’an City and Shaanxi Province in the construction of “Belt and Road”, helps teachers and students constantly forge ahead the ideological and political directions, and places more emphases on teaching and research in echo with the times. This is highly inspiring for other peer universities”.
According to An Yuanyuan in his speech, “Theme is what an exhibition can attract us. Under the wave of the Nineteenth National Congress of the CPC and China’s new historical period, nationwide people are looking forward to a new look of social ethos. Art is the torch of national spirit and the horn of the times. Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts blows the loud horn for “Spirit of the Time”, and attracts the artistic colleagues and the general public to take a glimpse and understand great efforts and answers given by Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts through these classic works on exhibit”.
According to Zhong Shunhu, “Artists of Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts insist on taking root in the fertile soil of the common people, ‘center on the people’ in creation process, vigorously highlight spiritual outlook of the common people, uphold the values of ‘People First’, and make important contribution to promoting the prosperity of national culture and art! This exhibition, organized by Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, focuses on the theme of ‘Spirit of the Time’, and carries forward the values of the social mainstream in the new era, i.e., core values of socialism. Through these works, we can be really impressed by determination and enthusiasm of artists of Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, as they exert pioneering and innovative efforts, advance with the times, and actively dedicate themselves to socialist culture undertaking. They regard core values of socialism as the essence into their own art creation, carry forward ‘Artistic Spirit’ unique to the great era through artworks, showcase abundant heritages of the Chinese national culture, and resound the main theme of patriotism”.
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