Yao Tianmu holds a retrospective exhibition

Source:namoc Time:2014-08-27

Sponsored by the Chinese Artists’ Association, a retrospective exhibition is currently on display at the museum to showcase the artworks by Yao Tianmu in the past 65 years. 

The exhibition comprises a total of more than 100 paintings created by the artist in the past six decades, four of which are collections from the National Art Museum of China. The exhibit covers a wide range of fine artworks, including the traditional Chinese figure paintings, the engravings, the lacquer engravings and flower-bird paintings. Among are his masterpieces, such as the New Year picture In the Days of Starting Arduous Undertaking, the figure painting Marching Forward after Triumph—Chairman Mao Crossing the Yellow River to the East in 1948”, the printmaking Bank of the Yellow River.  

Yao Tianmu, an outstanding painter and artistic activist, is very accomplished in the fields of the engraving and the traditional Chinese paintings. Taking root in the yellow soil, the artist has been engaged in the artistic creation and the artistic activity and has made a contribution to the artistic undertaking in Shanxi province. The painter has followed the good tradition of the uprising engravings of the country as well as the socialist creation principle. He is one of the contemporary outstanding engraving artists and receives recognition from the professionals and the public. 

The show opens at Hall 5 until July 9. 

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