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Art Classics of The People’s Republic Of China--Exhibition Of Collections Of National Art Museum Of China in Inner Mongolia

  • Show Time:2012-09-20 To 2012-10-05
  • Venues:Inner Mongolia Exhibition Hall

The exhibition will have nearly 100 pieces of masterpieces from collections of NAMOC since foundation of new China, which consists of 3 unites-“Owner And Homeland(1949—1978)”, “Reflection and Open to the Outside World(1978—1992)” and “A Time of Diversity(1992—2012)”, demonstrating the historical course of art of China on respect of nationality, popularity and modernization, and development and achievements in Chinese painting, oil painting, print and sculpture through different subjects and from different angle of view. The outstanding works such as Qi Baishi’s “Pine and Eagle”, Xu Beihong’s “Galloper”, Huang Zhou’s “Windstorm in Wastel”, Wu Zuoren’s “Shanmenxia Gorge Construction Site”, He Duoling’s “Spring breeze has Awaken”, Pan Tianshou’s “A Corner of Lingyanjian”, Wu Guanzhong’s “Red Lotus” are all art treasures rarely seen by viewers. The exhibition also shows artistic works on prairie subject by artists of Mongoloid at different period of time and these art works are distinguish themselves with vitality and vigor and offers a good chance for audience to get to know prairie painting school.

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