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Hermit Picking Up Flowers -- Exhibition of Chen Shouxiang's Traditional Chinese Painting Works

  • Show Time: To
  • Venues:Hall 13-17
   Chen Shouxiang, also known as Dayin and Laotie, was born in 1944 in Guilin of Guangxi. He is a researcher and doctoral student tutor in the Chinese National Academy of Arts, and an expert receiving special government allowances from the State Council. The exhibition will display more than 300 fine works of Mr. Chen since he was engaged in artistic creation. They are divided into five sections, which are the elegant and popular characters, melting gaps with infinity, angels on needle tips, promising life with hope, and teaching of traditional Chinese painting. The exhibition will present Mr. Chen's cultural confidence, cultural ideas, and outstanding contributions to the teaching of traditional Chinese painting. He has always linked the creation of traditional Chinese painting to cultural confidence, the overall view of life of the Chinese people, and the cultural heritage of China. “Looking back at the vicissitudes of life, pondering the mental vision of the time and space, observing every phenomenon and human feelings on earth,” he has put forward the culture-based creation idea for the development of the character of traditional Chinese painting.
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