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Desert Poplar•National Soul——Ji Youquan Traditional Chinese Painting Exhibition

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  • Venues:Hall 7
    Ji Youquan, a military painter, was born in Tonghua of Jilin Province in 1953. He graduated from Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts and the Department of Chinese Painting of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. This exhibition displays about 40 pieces of works of Ji Youquan, showing his exploration of Chinese ink painting on the theme of Populuseuphratica in his 40 trips deep in the untrod desert Gobi over the two decades since 1998. The exhibited ink paintings reflect his pursuit of the vigorous, unsophisticated, grand and efficient style. Some of his works have been collected or displayed by the Great Hall of the People, the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, the Bayi Building and the West Suburb Airport. They have been exhibited and collected or won awards in 19 countries such as Russia, the United States, Germany, Japan, Republic of Korea and Singapore. They have been published by the People's Fine Arts Publishing House, titled Ji Youquan, a Collection of Famous Contemporary Chinese Artist.
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