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Likeness and Unlikeness -- Dialogues with Qi Baishi

  • Show Time: To
  • Venues:Hall 13—17
    The exhibition takes Qi Baishi, a great Chinese artist of the 20th century, as the core to present the inner clue of the continuation of the freehand spirit of Chinese art with the double dialogues beyond time and space and the media. While showing the artistic styles of the famous master, it reveals the logic of the expansion and innovation of Chinese art forms featuring empathy with the ancient and making the law from the heart. The exhibition is separated into the three parts of "Reshaping the Form and Spirit: Dialogue in Statue", "Learning from the Ancient: Facing the Freehand Tradition" and "Drawing My Own Paintings: The Soul of Like and Unlike". It focuses on Qi Baishi's freehand ink painting theory, highlighting that the best thing is between the likeness and unlikeness, to present Qi’s art from the three perspectives of the body and spirit of figures, historical context and artistic style.
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